Our client base – ranging from the leading institutional investors to corporate at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry – turns to standard securities in depth of expertise, vast product range and leading brokerage house in sales and trading, and market-making services in virtually every type of financial instrument. More than ever, we work across a broad range of asset classes to find new forms of investment that aim to generate superior returns.

Sales and Trading offers offline and online trading platforms where Standard Securities act as a registered broker executing transactions globally in equity and equity-related products, which include equity swaps, options, warrants and futures overlying individual securities, indices and baskets of securities and other equity-related products.

Standard Securities Institutional desk is working hard to achieve the desired results for their clients with research on time execution. World class experience of distribution and trading of equity, equity-linked and equity-derivative securities.

We deal into diverse product range of fixed income, including interest rate and currency products, credit products, derivatives and commodities.

Whatever your asset class or trading platform, Standard securities can help you for cutting edge technology to meet your investment objectives. We can make a measurable contribution to your investment performance by helping you to backed up your trades by research – to execute on time – and learn to time the market.

Our Vision - To give the best investment experience to our clients backed up by Intelligent Research, Timely execution, Understanding global markets better.To give highly standard service you demand. By just a click. To achieve clients goal with state of art technology. To understand clients need and time frame to perform.

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